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If you are here for stock trading information, how to pull profits out of the market in a low risk manner using the best trading patterns, or how to better understand technical analysis, then simply use the form below to sign up for the free stock trading newsletter. You will only receive useful trading information designed to educate you on what works in the stock market.

stock trading software

The Market Timing Predictor, MTPredictor for short, trading software automatically generates low risk trading opportunities by using Fibonacci retracements combined with a simple ABC pattern. Learn how to identify stocks with the Gartley 222 pattern. Read the trading software review.

End of day charting software

Key to your understanding of what it takes to profit from trading stocks is having the right tools for the trade. One of the essential tools is good stock charts.

There are different types of stock charts: OHLC, candlesticks, line, and PnF charts to name a few. Each of these types of charts are useful, some people simply prefer one over the other.

trading patterns

Low Risk Trading Pattern

The key to successful trading is to lose a little money as possible. If you have the right trading pattern that identifies those low risk / high probability of success trades, then you are setting yourself up for stock market success.

Sometimes the best opportunities occur when more than one pattern indicates a trading opportunity. The free trading course shows you 5 such patterns. This trading patterns course will show you all the details and, as a bonus, you will learn about one of the best methods of identifying tops and bottoms in the market.

Stock Trading System

If you are looking for the biggest stock market gains, then you will need a stock trading system that finds them. If you buy this system you will find the biggest trading returns that the market has to offer.

Swing trading

The backbone of any good trading method is the ability to identify profitable trading opportunities at the earliest possible moment. Swing trading seeks to do just that.

There are many swing trading web sites available that deliver sound trading methods. I have reviewed a few of them for your benefit.

fibonacci trading

Fibonacci trading

A real time example of fibonacci trading using the 38%, 50%, and 62% retracement levels combined with another powerful trading profits.

Fibonacci secrets

Find profitable trading opportunities using Fibonacci secrets.

Fibonacci retracement

One of the most interesting, and powerful, ways of identifying stocks market turning points is through the fibonacci series. By calculating fibonacci retracement levels, you can identify where a stock might just reverse price at. Finding levels that overlap from different time frames is even more accurate.

Fibonacci retracements

Powerful, practical trading information for stock traders – this new web site offers trading information about how to use Fibonacci Retracements.

Fibonacci calculator

Of course, it makes no sense to understand fibonacci retracement levels without an easy way to determine those price levels. The fibonacci calculator simply takes a high and a low price then determines the 38%, 50%, and 62% retracement levels for buying and selling.

trading lessons

Trading Tutorial

There is one type of stock that people fear the most. The stock that has already made significant gains can still lead to even bigger gains. This trading tutorial tells you how to trade the stock that have already doubled in price.

If you are ready for stock market success, you will have a trading plan in place before you enter a position. Read about this real time trade setup to understand the steps to take.

This stock trading setup shows how to setup a trade using multiple time frames for pinpoint accuracy.

Not getting the stock trading results you expected?

Technical Analysis

Start by visiting the trading lessons page for all of the following lessons:

  • The 200 day moving average can be used in an unique way to identify short selling opportunities as the stock drops on large volume.
  • Gaps in stock prices typically occur during high volitility times. There are ways to trade stocks as the confirm the direction of the gap.
  • Stock market divergences are a way of identifying tops and bottoms in the stock market.
  • Trendlines and trendline breaks serve as another method of identifying when a stock is changing direction or momentum.
  • When reversal bars occur at a support or resistance level, you have a low risk opportunity to enter at the very earliest stage of a trend change.
  • A Japanese candlestick version of reversal bars is the engulfment. For buying, the bullish engulfment can be a powerful signal of higher prices.
  • When you combine the stochastic divergence with reversal bars, you have a high probability method of finding trading opportunities.
Trading orders

Stop orders are a useful way of entering a stock as it moves favorably in your direction. Your analysis of a low risk opportunity becomes practical as you enter a stock as it confirms the intended direction.

There is a short course on the different types of stock market orders for you. Once you have finished the course, continue on to see how stock market orders work. At the very end, is a one question quiz to check your understanding (don’t worry, no one is grading this).

A sell stop order is useful for keeping you in a profitable position as long as possible.

Real time trading

No method of trading is complete without a sound money management techniques. A poor stock picking system with strong money management beats a great stock picking system with lousy money management.

Online trading brokers can also make or break your results. Read about some of the best and worst broker experiences.

Sometimes it pays to be lucky. Just don’t count on the luckiest trade of all time being the result of making a mistake.

Here’s a step by step guide that walks you through a real time trade. These stock tips for buying and selling stocks shows you exactly what to look for.

Trade-ideas. com provides affordable real time stock alerts for day traders. They have harnessed the power of the internet to deliver sound trading picks at an affordable price.

Knowing the trading times that the market is open for is critical to all traders. Especially those who place orders based on the opening price.

All successful traders have a sound stock trading strategy, do you?

The free stock market report that goes out to subscribers as the market presents opportunities. Included are trading tutorials and trade setups.

trading resources

Look through the glossary to find what stock market trading terms mean. If you can’t find what you are looking for, then use the contact page to send me your question and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible. Make sure you understand the risk involved with trading stocks by reading the legal notice.

Trading books keeps your trading techniques up to date.

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Check out the stock trading products available at this site. You’ll find solid information on how to find the biggest stock market gainers, a reversal pattern that nails the exact reversal price, and the full trading patterns course.

For a concise version of this information, visit the stock trading info web site.

Finally, take advantage of the google search engine to find more stock trading information.

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