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If you are looking for an online resource for trading stocks, consider trade-ideas. com.

Finally, technology working for you.

I recently checked out the real-time streaming alerts that this company provides. To say the least, I was impressed.

Here’s a company that has harnessed the power of the internet to provide real time alerts based on statistical analysis and pattern recognition.

Now instead of me explaining the “what and how” they do what they do, I’ll let you spend some time on their website getting the details.

I thought I would give you my personal experience using their services. I’ll fill you in on what I was impressed with.

Here’s how it all started.

I would be less than truthful if I said I found this website by myself. Instead, the owner of the site sent me an email suggesting that what his site provides would compliment what I offer.

I agreed to check it out.

On December 24th, 2002, soon after the market opened, I clicked on the link that provides alerts. Instantly, a browser full of alerts pops up.

Unfortunately, I did not capture the first screen shot that showed up – you’ll find out later why I wish I had. Here’s a screen shot that I took about ten minutes after I opened up the alerts window:

The great thing about this screen is that everything makes sense.

By clicking on the icon underneath the “Type” you get an explanation of what is being signaled. “Time” is when the signal is generated. “Symbol” is the ticker symbol for the stock, click on the symbol and a delayed one minute chart for the stock opens in another browser window. And “Message” is a short explanation of the signal.

Here’s why I wish I captured the first screen worth of signals.

At around 9:35AM, a stock showed up on the alert screen with the same signal as the first one shown above, “Very high relative volume during the last ___ minutes.” (I forgot exactly what it said the amount of time was)

The stock in question was NCEN and here’s the one minute chart for that stock:

In the course of the first five minutes of trading, the stock went up $0.60 on high volume. I took a quick look at the daily chart and noticed that stock was breaking out and making a multi-month high on high volume.

For what I was doing, I figured that following this stock would be a good way to understand how this service works.

With my sights set on a target.

Here’s the next signal for NCEN and what the chart looked like at that time.

Note that the stock is up $1 since the first alert occurred!

As the day continues, more alerts for this stock occurs. Typically, the signals for NCEN on this day are volume related. Eventually, the stock closes almost $2 higher then the price that the first signal occurs at.

If this isn’t a day trader’s dream come true, I don’t know what is!

What’s not to like about this service?

Here’s an online service that handed me an opportunity to make money.

– I didn’t even read any of the online help provided.

– I just opened a browser window and alerts kept streaming in.

– I figured out what the signal I was interested in indicated.

Did I get lucky? Probably. But you have to admit that things turned out pretty good for not doing any homework.

I wish I had done some investigation ahead of time, then I would have known how to filter the signals I was looking at. Not surprisingly, the first question addressed in frequently asked section of this website refers to “I’m getting too much information at once!”

The answer is simply to create a symbol list, which is what I would have done. Instead of continually scanning the alert window for the symbol of interest, I would have only seen alerts for the stock I was interested in. Or just the signals that I was interested in.

If you are interested in a service that provides real time stock trading signals at a reasonable cost, check out trade-ideas. com.

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