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Here’s a unique way of owning one share of a company. Yes, one single share.

A company called OneShare. com

The internet has spawned some innovative concepts. One great idea comes from OneShare. com

This company sells one share of stock to you.

You might think “What do I want with just one share of stock? How much money can you possibly make by owning one share of stock?”

Usually not much. There are exceptions, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway being the most notable exception. Owing one share of this stock (priced at around $71,000 USD as of this writing) is a large sum of money.

OneShare. com will not sell you a share of Warren’s company, but it will provide one share and a stock certificate for a select number of stocks that you can frame.

Here’s what you can do with one share of stock

Say you have kids or grandkids and they are begging you to take them to Disneyland. Suppose you take the children to Disneyland. More than likely they will remember that trip for the rest of their lives (I know I remember the trip my family took Disneyland in California).

If you want to make certain the trip is remembered forever you can give them the gift of ownership. A single share of Disney can be purchased easily and delivered straight to your loved one simply by clicking on the image below.

Let your imagination run wild

You can easily own some of the most popular US companies by purchasing one share.

Are you a soda drinker, buy some Pepsi. Computer user? Own one share of Apple Computer.

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