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For your review, here is a list of archived stock market newsletters. All of these reports are in. pdf format (which requires the free Adobe Acrobat reader available HERE).

23 January 2005 – The U. S. stock market is turning down.

05 January 2005 – Looks like the market is tipping its hand and indicating lower prices going forward.

19 December 2004 – Not much action in the stock market this week. Not a big surprise as the end of the year is near. Again, the semiconductor index is sitting between two moving averages. STST is a stock on the move.

12 December 2004 – The overall market makes an inside bar, the semiconductor index is not participating, and TOL makes new highs.

03 December 2004 – Yes, the market is making new highs. Not all stocks – and specifically, the semiconductor index – are participating in this recent rally.

20 November 2004 – The stock market has a way of not following the obvious path. The market is setting up an IF . THEN type of market. IF the market does this . THEN . this is likely.

14 November 2004 – At least some stocks are making significant moves higher. Some important sectors of the market are NOT participating.

05 October 2003 – The market move down from here?

24 August 2003 – The Nasdaq 100 looks to be making a potential top just like last year at this time.

22 June 2003 – The stock market has advanced as expected. Price is near the 50% retracement level and waiting.

04 May 2003 – The stock market is close to making a double top, it’s now make or break time.

30 March 2003 – Stock market is pausing before another bear market rally, possible support for the Nasdaq at the 50% retracement level where previous support exists.

16 March 2003 – Previous Nasdaq gap gets filled, market makes a two month high.

23 February 2003 – Nasdaq 100 hits the 62% retracement level and rallies strongly, gap to fill, and possible price target.

29 December 2002 – Market continues to decline, possible support levels anticipated.

07 December 2002 – Nasdaq rally stalls out at the 38% retracement level.

03 November 2002 – Markets breakout above a two week consolidation after a strong rally, Nasdaq shows the most strength.

29 September 2002 – Dow Jones fails to reach price targets and continues lower.

02 September 2002 – Markets showing signs of weakness, Nasdaq tags the 62% retracement level.

10 August 2002 – Price target for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 30 year interest rates at the 62% fibonacci retracement level.

28 July 2002 – Markets looks to be reversing back up with the Dow Jones Industrial average the strongest, the VIX confirms price action.

07 July 2002 – Bear market rally, Microsoft finds support right at a matching move price level.

23 June 2002 – Stock market breaks down. Stocks to watch for gains on the buy side regardless of market action.

19 May 2002 – Market action compared to the September 2001 low.

12 May 2002 – Stock market turns down, follow up on trade for Agilent Technologies.

21 April 2002 – S&P 500 still working on finding a bottom, Agilent Technologies makes a matching move in price.

07 April 2002 – S&P 500 looks to be putting in a significant low.

31 March 2002 – Nasdaq hits price target for a low, starts to advance, price target to the upside.

24 March 2002 – Price targets for a Nasdaq 100 rally.

10 March 2002 – Nasdaq continues higher, Ultimate Electronics did not continue lower.

03 March 2002 – Possible Nasdaq rally, Ultimate Electronics breaks decisively through the 200 day moving average on high volume.

24 February 2002 – Nasdaq continues down to the 62% retracement level.

10 February 2002 – 50% retracement for the Nasdaq 100, Beazer Homes pulls back to previous support.

02 February 2002 – Market breakdown in the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 index.

27 January 2002 – Stock market consolidation and price fake outs.

13 January 2002 – S&P 500, 30 year treasury bond interest rates, and moving average “squeeze”.

11 November 2001 – Stock market conditions and trade setup along with tutorial on patience.

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