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The free Stock Trading Course consists of 5 powerful stock trading patterns, sent to you, via email each day for five days. These patterns are the result of real time trading resulting in big gains in a very short period of time.

I’m going to reveal the best stock trading patterns I know of. By the time you finish this course, you’ll be on your way to understanding what it takes to score the big stock market gains.

Lesson 1: Inside / Narrow Range 4 bar One of the ways you can profit from trading is to enter a stock as it moves decisively in one direction. A low risk method of entering waits for a stock to trade above or below the recent range. This lesson is about trading breakouts.

Lesson 2: Support and Resistance Stocks tend to not trend. For those times when a stock moves back and forth from one price level to another, buying support and selling resistance is a profitable way to trade stocks. This lesson shows a unique way to trade as a stock forms new support and resistance levels.

Lesson 3: Pullback When a stock is moving strongly in one direction, you have only a few chances to buy or sell a stock that allows for low risk trading. You’ll understand how a very simple 1-2-3 pattern sets up for big profits.

Lesson 4: Matching Move Often a move in a stock will be matched in price at a later date. As you identify possible turning points using this pattern, you will often be buying very close to the very bottom or selling the very top. This low risk pattern identifies probable turning points in a stock.

Lesson 5: Retracements Another powerful method of identifying turning points is through the use of retracements. Stocks will often give back a certain percentage of a recent move before resuming the trend. You will spot low risk opportunities to trade as a stock hits these critical price levels.

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Here’s what you do. Sign up for the FREE course by filling out the form below. In minutes you will receive by email this powerful stock trading course.

Can I get all of this information now?

Of course. You can have a stock trading ebook that includes all five of the patterns listed, plus a bonus section.

The real power of trading happens when you combine these patterns together. You often get the type of trade that takes off and never looks back. When you see how to combine patterns, you’ll be on your way to trading the best setups around.

Order this 105 page manual today for $20 and have all five of these patterns, along with the bonus section, delivered to you in an easy-to-read format (PDF – requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader).

This trading manual takes you from start to finish with all of the details spelled out, nothing is left out, complete with stock charts. What are you waiting for? Order the Patterns Trading Course here: ORDER HERE.

Make certain that you understand:

Hypothetical Or Simulated Performance Results Have Certain Limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. No trading system can guarantee results. The risk of loss exists in stock trading.

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