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How would you like to answer “Yes”, knowing that you are part of the growing number of traders who successfully turn regular stock trading opportunities into their own personal cash machine.

Without a doubt, the sharpest online traders know how to make the money they deserve by trading stocks.

What if I told you that you can earn a 40% profit on your trading capital in three weeks? Would you believe it?

Let’s say you could have made that 40% return while risking no more than $2 a share – and making $20!

How would you like to spot the low risk trading opportunities that the stock market hands out on a regular basis?

As you read, pay attention to the “proof” that I offer. I’m going to show you how to seize this special opportunity to educate yourself on what works in the stock market today – without any financial risk to yourself.

I have traded long enough to know that the stock market is very good about delivering substantial gains to those who are prepared.

Stocks I have owned have more than doubled and tripled – and even quadrupled – in price as I have owned them.

Just in case you think that every stock I buy goes up. Don’t worry, I have also lost enough money. I’ve had my fair share of trades that didn’t work out. To top it off, I’ve probably made all the mistakes possible.

That’s not what really matters, here’s what I think will interest you the most.

Every year, millions of dollars of trading profits are made by trading a handful of stocks in a very low risk manner.

Now I am going to show you a way to find those very special trading opportunities.

Here’s something to sink your teeth into:

You will make the biggest profits by risking the least amount of money possible.

And here’s how you do it.

Wait, patiently wait, for a stock to signal it’s intentions. There are plenty of trading patterns that occur frequently enough and reliable enough for you to find and capitalize on.

Remember I said that I would prove to you just how you can make those 40% returns in a very short time – with no risk to yourself?

I have put together a free online trading course that explains in detail five straightforward patterns that give you a trading edge.

By the time you finish the course, you will .

know the power of the inside bar and the low risk, high profit potential that goes with it

understand how stock leave clues to where a price move will typically end . and how you can be ready to capitalize on this price pattern

know when to enter a stongly trending stock using a simple 1-2-3 pattern

appreciate the principle of support and resistance in a way that makes a stock prove itself

and most importantly, how to apply all these stock market patterns . separately, these patterns are great, combined they typically setup the highest probability of success trades anywhere

This Trading Patterns course includes .

easy to read email course delivered weekly

links to all the relevant information – web pages with full explanations of each trading pattern

of course, each pattern includes real examples, stock charts that illustrate all of the details

practical insight into how to trade each pattern – it’s not enough just to recognize a trading pattern, you have to know how to enter and exit for a profit – it’s all spelled out

as a bonus, included is a section on the best way to trade market reversals

And the result. A straightforward method for picking the best stocks to trade based on reliable patterns that repeat frequently – and profitably – enough to give you a trading edge.

It doesn’t matter what your level of expertise is. Novice traders just starting out . swing traders looking to capture larger multi day to weekly moves . day traders who buy and sell regardless of economic conditions.

Here’s what you do next.

Fill in the form below and you will receive, by email, the Trading Patterns course.

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In case you were wondering about the 40% gain I was talking about earlier. Here’s the stock and a chart showing that gain in three weeks (click on the link and the chart opens in another window).

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