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stock trading software for online traders Trading lessons

Stock trading software helps you pick the best stocks to invest in or trade.

You can let someone else tell you what stocks to buy . or you can find the stock market winners yourself.

Do you know what’s it is like to make double and triple and even four times your money in the stock market in a short amount of time? People have made that much and more. Have you? No, not yet?

Good news then! Once you make that much money trading stocks, then what I am about to tell you will sound very familiar.

Have you ever looked at a chart of the stock market and wondered how stocks can go up so much . and go down so far?

I am here to tell you that you can find the best stocks to trade by using readily available trading software.

Before I tell you exactly what to look for in a stock trading software package, let me give you an example that I traded and made the kind of money I mentioned previously.

Way back in 1999 (maybe that’s not really that far back), when the market was just getting ready to make it’s finally big rally before the crash of 2000. I found a little stock that more than doubled, more than tripled, more than quadrupled in price after I bought it.

Did I know the stock market was going crazy? No way. But what I did know is that there was a low risk way to trade this stock that would either: (1) lose a little money, (2) make a little money, or (3) make a lot of money.

I found this stock using trading software. No surprise there.

Magic Software is the name of the company, not the stock trading software – but what a perfect name for this example, that I traded for big profits.

I programmed the software to look for stocks that were making all time highs. On August 23rd, 1999, the software identified this stock as making an all time new high. From then on, the stock was on my radar screen as a possible stock to buy.

About a month later, September 24th to be exact, the stock made an important low. Again the stock trading software pointed this out to me.

From then on it was a matter of waiting for the stock to form a pattern that signaled higher prices ahead.

By October 15th, the pattern was in place. My plan was to place a buy stop order above the previous day’s high. As it turns out, my broker would not accept stop orders on this stock. Given that everything was in place for the stock to rally, I decided to use a market order to buy the stock.

As soon as I bought the stock, it took off. If you have traded long enough you know exactly what I am talking about. The stock moved in my favor almost immediately. Of course, if it didn’t move as anticipated, I would have sold out below the low of the day I bought it.

Less than two weeks later I was taking my first profits from this trade. From then on, it was simply a matter of making adjustments to my sell stop order. Eventually, I took profits as it tripled, then took more profits as the stock went higher, and the final profits came as the stock was going down.

Get yourself the right tools.

If you are serious about making the most money possible from trading stocks, then I know you will have stock trading software on your computer.

Every month, for about the price of an online stock trade through Charles Schwab, you can own and have stock quotes downloaded to your computer daily.

Using Quotes Plus2, you can look for stocks making 52 week highs. The way to do just that would look something like this:

Once the software is finished looking for the stocks that meet the criteria you spelled out, you’ll get results that look something like this:

From there, it’s a simply a matter of opening up the stock charting software included and going through the list of stocks to decide which ones you’ll consider buying or watching.

And finally, view the charts from your list.

Once you have signed up for the FREE two week trial from QP2 (just go to their website at http://www. and have loaded your computer with the software, come back here and send me an email letting me know you would like the scan I use to find the big winners, like Magic Software, and I will send you the exact scan criteria to use.

Send an email to:

Here’s something valuable for you.

Remember I mentioned that the stock trading software found the best stocks to trade? Then, I had to wait for a certain pattern to form.

If you want to know the exact pattern, and I do mean exact, that I used to trade Magic Software, then sign up for the absolutely FREE online trading course covering 5 profitable patterns. Sign up using the form below.

Get your hands on a trading method that finds and trades the biggest stock market winners . without risking your entire trading account.

Discover how the Stock Rocket Trading method delivers up to 800% trading profits.

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