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Susan Faulkner is returning for a fifth year at the Cooperative Preschool and will be teaching the threes and fours classes. She has been teaching preschool on and off for about twenty years. She has a degree in Elementary Education from Whitworth in Spokane. Susan’s daughter, Emma, will be entering the second grade this year at ANSER, Boise’s charter school. Many of Susan’s free hours will be spent at ANSER volunteering as a member of the Parent Council and partaking in many other duties at ANSER. Susan also has a stepdaughter, Heather, who is a college student.

Susan had an amazing vacation in Alaska, where she actually got to read an entire book and spend some time with her family just hanging out. (An enviable concept for many of us.)

The children will have a nice surprise as they get to know the classroom: Mocha and Latte. These are two very cute guinea pigs; with great names, I must say!

Susan tells me that St. Michael’s is the most nurturing preschool environment she’s ever been in. Five years ago when she first arrived to teach at St. Michael’s one of her first impressions was �Oh yeah, this is it!� Welcome back Susan! We are very lucky to have such a dedicated teacher who loves what she does!

Rebecca Philips returns for her second year at the preschool teaching with Susan in the threes and fours classes. Rebecca has an AAS degree from Ricks College and one year toward her Elementary Education degree. She has worked as a high school Special Education teacher, a preschool teacher, and a nanny, which enabled her to spend time with her own children.

Rebecca and her husband, Phil, have two children: Garrett, 7, and Madison, 3.

Rebecca spent time this summer visiting family in Utah and going to the Lagoon amusement park. She also visited with family on the Oregon Coast. She said she is looking forward to getting to know the new children and families at the preschool this year.

Welcome back Rebecca! We are happy to have you at the school.

Meet Anna Verdun! Anna joins the Cooperative Preschool this year as the new teacher for the twos classes.

Anna’s experience with children began when she took her first babysitting job at age 14 in an athletic club. Since then she has taught preschool and kindergarten in Idaho and Orange County, California, where she grew up. Anna studied early childhood education at Saddleback College in Orange County and is currently working to get her bachelor’s degree with an emphasis on religion.

Anna has worked as a medical assistant in a physician’s office, and most recently, she has been a stay-at-home mother with her son Branden, 6, her stepson Eli, 5, and her 15-month-old son, Andrew. Anna lives in Eagle and enjoys scrapbooking, doing things with her sons and spending time outdoors.

Anna says she loves how explorative children are when they are young and she likes to see how they improve and grow. Welcome Anna! We look forward to getting to know you.

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