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Dear Pattern Trader,

Hi, I’m Dave Wooding and I have something for you!

Do you regularly buy and sell short stocks? If so, how would like to know about a stock pattern that .

– Just about catches the bottom or top as a stock is ready to move strongly in one direction.

– Allows for low risk stop loss placement.

– Only trades when the profit possibilities are high.

In case you have any doubts, take a look at the following charts (each one opens in a new window).

Take the time right now to read about one of my favorite trading patterns for locking in the big gains in the shortest amount of time.

There’s a good chance that you are familiar with parts of this pattern. If you are aware of breakouts, reversal bars, moving averages, large range days then you’ll be soaking up this information in an instant.

Even if you’re not – it’s all spelled out in an understandable manner that lets you use this technique immediately – keep reading and you’ll see how you can use this valuable trading pattern immediately.

The beauty of this pattern is that it either nails the biggest home run trades you have ever seen – or loses a very small amount of money.

There is absolutely no reason you should take a trade that is not setup to deliver huge gains in a short amount of time.

Before we go any further, you need to know that this is not the holy grail of trading.

What it is, is a low risk way of trading that increases the probability of being successful while keeping the risk of loss small.

This powerful trading ebook looks for stocks poised to make the biggest moves in the least amount of time.

Specifically, strongly trending stocks that have temporarily given back some of their recent gains. It doesn’t matter if a stock is going up or down – just as long as it is moving.

A stock that meets my criteria as a candidate for buying or selling with this specific pattern has a very brief period of time to prove whether or not it is ready to resume a very powerful trend or not – no questions.

And even if that criteria is met, the stock needs to pass another rigorous test to be considered for trading – again, if it does not meet the criteria in a certain time period, it gets dropped.

What you are left with is a stock poised to move, and move quickly, in your favor.

Now the fun begins .

You’re in a stock at a price that could very well be the lowest low (for buying) or highest high (for selling short).

You can typically expect profits almost immediately. This technique ensures that you are entering a stock only as it moves favorably in your direction.

If the trade moves in your favor, you are booking profits in a very short time. And then comes the easy part . you sit on your hands and don’t do anything.

Well, almost nothing. Once you have booked some profits, you trail a stop order to lock in profits without giving back much. And that’s the way you are going to hit the home run trades.

Does this method always work?

The short answer .. no way. This method of trading has it’s fair share of losers. But, it deals with those quite effectively.

You make the big (or even little) gains in the stock market by losing as little money as possible. The key to successful trading is managing the risk of losing as best you can.

Remember, this trading pattern looks to enter a stock as it reverses back in the primary direction. If a stock is truly reversing, then the risk of losing is very small. Since this pattern picks up on a reversal very early, the amount of money at risk is normally very small. Stop loss orders are placed very close to the entry price.

Hypothetical Or Simulated Performance Results Have Certain Limitations. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. No trading system can guarantee results. The risk of loss exists in stock trading.

Here’s what you get

    A concise trading ebook detailing one very powerful pattern that picks the best stocks ready to reverse direction

Loads of charts showing you the exact details of how to identify this pattern

Specific rules for entering – and exiting, a stock primed to move rapidly in your favor

  • How to know when to exit for either little profits or a small loss
  • Remember What I Said About Using This Valuable Trading Pattern Now?

    I have gone one step further than originally planned. I am firmly committed to you “getting” this pattern. I want you to comprehend the power of this amazing pattern.

    So what have I done? I have taken all of the nitty-gritty work out of getting you in a position to profit. For owners of this ebook, I have made arrangements for you to access buy and sell signals for this pattern every day.

    That’s right, if you want you don’t have to do a thing. Just point your browser to a special web page that highlights signals for the very next day. And there they are. This way, you can see the signals in action as you are learning. Of course, you’ll benefit the most by reading and understanding the information. But, to help get you up to speed as quickly as possible, I am providing as much information as possible . as it happens.

    Of course, that’s not all you get

    I want you to be certain that this trading pattern is everything I have said. And I am going to make a ‘Risk Free’ Guarantee.

    Anytime within the first 90 days of owning this powerful trading pattern manual, if you are not convinced that the profit possibilities are enormous, or if you are in any way unsatisfied, then simply ask for a full refund of your money – and you’ll receive it.

    If you are serious about taking your trading results to a higher level – then order now. In less than 2 minutes, you’ll have in your hands a method of trading that brings in the big winners.

    Click here now to get started with this powerful trading method.

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